Fronius 320i Genuine MIG Torch with 15ft Lead Features:

  • Wire Diameter Range: 1.0 - 1.6mm (0.03 - 0.06in)
  • Welding Duration Current (ArCO2): 210A
  • Welding Duration Current (CO2): 210A
  • Welding Current / Duty Cycle (ArCo2): 320A / 40%
  • Welding Current / Duty Cycle (CO2): 320A / 40%
  • Dimension / B: 41.0mm (1.6in)
  • Dimension / L: 3500.0mm (137.7in)
  • Weight: 2.7kg (5.9lbs)

Genuine Fronius 320i MIG Torch 

Consumables for Fronius MTG 320i US Style MIG Gun

This is the standard MIG Gun for the TransSteel 2200

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Fits the Fronius TransSteel 2200c - This is the same model that is included with the Fronius TransSteel 2200C. It could also be a 4,036,407, but the machine comes with a 60 degree neck. 

MTG320i US-Style FSC/EH/15' 60 Degree (item pictured is stock photo-item may differ)

Parts Breakdown of MTG 320i US-Style MIG Gun:



Fronius 320i MIG Torch Parts Breakdown Image SWS

SKU:FRP 4,036,407
Fronius Genuine MIG Gun Torch with 15ft Lead - MTG 320i - 60 Degree Neck (4,036,407)

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