The cartridge adapter provides an optional upgrade to convert from the use of standard consumables to the new Hypertherm cartridge consumable platform.

The cartridge adapter is designed to work with the following systems and torches. Please note, when using the cartridge on a Duramax® or Duramax® Lock torch with the adapter, no data is transferred from the cartridge to the system for automated process setup or to provide cartridge usage data. That functionality is available for Powermax® SYNC™ systems with SmartSYNC™ torch technology.

  • For mechanized cartridges reference The cut charts guide for cartridge adapter on Duramax torches (811300MU).
  • Not recommended for use on Duramax retrofit torches for Powermax1000®/1250/1650
  • Not compatible with Duramax Hyamp™ standard or long style torches
SKU:HYP 428951
Hypertherm SYNC Cartridge Adapter for Powermax Units (428951)

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