Steelworker Classic Welding, Cutting and Brazing Kit with Hose Striker, Goggle & Tool Bag


Part Number Model Number Kit Contents Tip Seat Style Torch Handle Torch Head Angle Weight Cutting Tip Welding and Brazing Tip Cutting Attachment Hose Recommended Attachments
4403224 8525-510 Dlx Single-stage Oxygen Regulator, Single-stage Fuel Regulator, Goggles, Striker, 20' x 3/16" Hose & Tool Bag Harris 6290 85- 90° 6290-1AC 23A90-5 72-3 4301650 - 88-5FBT (R&L) FBA, 4301651 - 88-5FBR (R&L) FBA
SKU:HRS 4403224
Harris Steelworker® Tool Bag Kit

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