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Fronius iWave 230i Air-Cooled TIG Welding Machine Package
This machine may come branded Magicwave as Fronius works through stock. The machine is the same. 


  • MagicWave 230i MV/B TIG Welding Machine (4,075,219.631)
  • TIG Torch Assembly Air-Cooled THP 220i (4,051,310)
  • Ground cable and Ground Clamp (43,0004,0161)
  • US Style Gas Adapter (42,0001,3541)
  • Flow meter (42,0440,0002)
  • Power Adapter 6-50P (42,0440,0227)
  • TIG Consumables Kit (44,0350,1558)

Electrode holder for stick welding is sold separately. Wired TIG foot pedal is sold separately but availabe (4,046,110). The difference between this package and the water-cooled package (49,0400,0032) is that this package does not come with a water-cooler on the bottom of the machine, a water-cooled TIG torch, or the FCL10 coolant. You can add these at a later time if you choose to. 




 Fronius Magicwave TIG Welding MachineThe Fronius MagicWave 230i AC/DC Air-Cooled TIG Machine is another huge step forward for the welding industry. Fronius brings their state-of-the-art welding technology to a brand-new AC/DC air-cooled TIG Welder. Every time Fronius comes out with a new machine, a new standard is set and the world of welding takes a huge technological leap forward. This machine is no exception to that, and we know you'll be impressed

SKU:FRM 49,0400,0031
Fronius iWave 230i Air-Cooled TIG Welding Machine Package (49,0400,0031) - FREE SHIPPING!

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