This high-powered premium stainless steel weld cleaning fluid is the strongest, fastest cleaning fluid in the range. With the highest quality components at high concentrations, TB-25 gives the user unequaled performance in cleaning, polishing and passivating on the harshest of stainless steel welds. For best results, neutralize with TB-40 after cleaning.

* TB-25 is classified as a Dangerous Good (DG) and therefore a DG freight surcharge applies. Due to regulations surrounding the shipment of DG items, there is a limit of 5 gallons per order for TB-25. Your order will be delayed if you order more than 5 gallons in a single order. 

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SKU:TB C0025-001Q
Ensitech TIG Brush TB-25 Premium Weld Cleaning Fluid (Quart and Gallon Avail.)

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