This package has been created for Joliet Junior College students.

5 Piece Student Kit Includes:

1 x Black Stallion by Revco FRB9-30C flame resistant cotton and cowhide welding jacket
1 x Tillman 750 welding gloves
1 x Lincoln Viking 1740 matte black welding helmet
1 x 3M SecureFit safety glasses
1 x Tongue and groove pliers (9 1/2 in.)

Jacket and Glove Size Charts

Be sure to check your size to make sure you're ready for class!

Revco Men's Size Chart

Glove Size Chart

Tillman Glove Size Chart

SKU:REV FRB930CBS, TIL 750T, LNP K3282-3, 3MA SF201AF, NAS420
Joliet Junior College Student Welding Kit (5-piece kit)

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