Advance Brush 85033 - Pack of 12 brushes

PFERD scratch brushes are manufactured to exacting standards on state-of-the-art production equipment. This ensures that all wire tufts are precision-located on the block to ensure uniform and consistent brushing performance, and long service life.

PFERD BRUSH premium hardwood scratch brush blocks are kiln-dried to keep wire tufts firmly in place, and hand-selected to ensure straightness and quality.

Shoe handle scratch brushes provide good leverage, allowing a more powerful brush stroke than can be achieved with a curved handle brush.

Keywords: Scratch and Chip Brushes » Scratch Brushes » Shoe Handle » Hardwood Block, Without Scraper

Wire Rows: 4x16
Brush Part Length:
Filament Material:
Carbon Steel Wire
Block Size (LxW, In.):
Trim Length:

SKU:PFE 85033
Advance Brush 85033 Carbon Steel Wire Hand Brush

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