Formulated with citrus peel extracts, SC 400 by Walter is a powerful, fast-acting alternative to petroleum-based solvent cleaners. We've even heard of people using this to clean tree sap off of their cars!


  •  Biodegradable, environmentally responsible
  •  High strength formulation - very effective and fast acting!
  •  Can be applied on all metallic surfaces and most plastics
  •  Formulated with 100% natural and renewable ingredients
  •  Residue free, slow drying, high flashpoint of 45ºC


  •  This works great on all metals


  •  Cleaning machine parts, tools, pumps, gears
  •  Heavy-duty cleaning
  •  Removing oil, grease, wax, glue, paint, tar, ink

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SKU:WLT 53G513
Walter 53G513 SC400 Natural Cleaner & Degreaser, 500ml Spray Bottle (Each)

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