Tweco® SG160REB-12 3035 Spool Gun 1027-1397 by ShopWeldingSupplies.com

The Tweco® SG160REB-12 Spool Gun is specifically designed for your ESAB® Rebel™ welder. The SG160REB plugs directly into the front of the Rebel 215ic and has an auto-detect feature that automatically switches the Rebel into Spool Gun mode. It is excellent for running 1 lb. spools of aluminum MIG welding wire or 2 lb. spools of mild steel, stainless steel or silicon bronze MIG welding wire.

The SG160REB-12 Spool Gun can also be used with Tweco® Fabricator® multi-process welders (auto-detect feature not available).

  • MIG (GMAW) FOR ALUMINUM Wire size: 0.030" - 0.035" (0.8 - 0.9mm)
  • MIG (GMAW) FOR MILD & STAINLESS STEEL Wire size: 0.023" - 0.035" (0.6 - 0.9mm)

  • Reliable direct connect Spool Gun for use with ESAB® Rebel™ 215ic welders
  • Lightweight gun at only 6.40 lbs. (2.90kg)
  • Ready to weld with 0.030"/0.035" (0.8mm - 0.9mm) welding wire (wire not included)
  • Heavy-duty drive motor
  • Impact resistance handle
  • Protective sleeve covering the power cable, gas hose and trigger cable
  • Easy to remove clear spool cover for installing a standard 4" (102mm) spool
  • 12ft. (4M) cable assembly
  • Adjustable drive roll tension and pressure lever on the Spool gun handle


    Comes complete with
  • Tweco Spool Gun SG160REB-12-3035
  • Contact Tips 
    11 Series 0.023" (0.6mm), 2 each 
    11 Series 0.035" (0.9mm), 4 each
  • Gas Diffusers 
    51 Series, 2 each
  • Nozzles 
    21-50F, 2 each
  • Jump Liners - Steel & Teflon
  • Operation /Installation Manual - English, French and Spanish
  • Carrying Case

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  • SKU:TWE 1027-1397
    Tweco 160 amp 12ft Spool Gun for ESAB Rebel 215ic 1027-1397

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