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Technical Specifications:

  • 250 Amp CO2 @ 80% Duty Cycle
  • 200 Amp Mixed Gas @ 80% Duty Cycle
  • Wire Capacity .023″ (0.6mm) – .045″ (1.2mm)


Contact Tips
Our contact tip product pages are typically combined. Be sure to select your correct diameter once you reach the contact tip page. Diameter selection is usually right at the top of the product page. 

 Diameter Package Size SWS Part # Brand Type
.030" 25/pack CMI 155-1-030 CM Industries Standard
.035" 25/pack CMI 155-1-035 CM Industries Standard
.040" 25/pack CMI 155-1-040 CM Industries Standard
.045" 25/pack CMI 155-1-045 CM Industries Standard
.030" 25/pack CMI 155-2-030 CM Industries Tapered
.035"  25/pack CMI 155-2-035 CM Industries Tapered
.040" 25/pack CMI 155-2-040 CM Industries Tapered
.045" 25/pack CMI 155-2-045 CM Industries Tapered


Our liners are made by CM Industries. They're extremely reliable, high quality products that we stand behind. We offer CM Industries compatible consumables because we want to offer the best price possible to our customers. If you're looking for Genuine Tregaskiss, don't hesitate to reach out. We'll do our best to help. 

 Diameter Range SWS Part # Brand
.023" Liner Assembly CMI R415-23-15 CM Industries
.030" Liner Assembly CMI R415-30-15 CM Industries
.035" thru .045" Liner Assembly CMI R415-35-15 CM Industries

Our Tregaskiss compatible nozzles are also made by CM Industries, and are durable, reliable and high quality products that will work perfectly with your TRG-250 MIG gun. 

 Size Type SWS Part # Brand
3/8" Flush Tip Nozzle CMI R401-4-38 CM Industries
1/2" 1/8" Tip Recess Nozzle, Std CMI R401-4-50 CM Industries
5/8" 1/8" Tip Recess Nozzle CMI R401-4-62 CM Industries
3/4" 1/8" Tip Recess Nozzle CMI R401-4-75 CM Industries

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SKU:CMI R2510-35
Tregaskiss Style TRG-250, 250 Amp, Air-Cooled MIG Gun (Gun Builder)

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