TIG Brush Summer Spending Promotion: May 1 2023 - June 16 2023

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  • TBE-550 TIG Brush Control Unit
  • 13ft Black Ground Cable & Clamp
  • PROPEL Torch Gun 13ft
  • Power Cord, PPE Pack & Operations Manual
  • 10 Pack Propel TIG Brush Tips
  • 1 Quart TB-25 Weld Cleaning Fluid
  • 1 Quart TB-42 Neutralizing Fluid
  • Quick Start Guide


  • Dynamic Power Transfer
  • Optimized For MIG Welds 
  • Optimized For Use With The Propel™ Torch New Generation High Current Output Increased Power
  • 85 Amps Maximum Current
  • 110V Single Phase Power
  • Weld Cleaning & Passivation 
  • Polishing Mode 
  • Etching & Marking Capabilities 
  • 100% Duty Cycle 
  • 24 Month Warranty
  • Single, Dual & Quad Brush Mode
  • IP65 Degree of Protection 


    CLEANING WIDTH:  < 1.5"


    APPLICATIONS:  Clean, Polish, Etch, & Mark



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    TIG Brush™ Genuine Technology Enhanced to give you a Superior Finish

    The Ensitech TIG Brush TBE-550 Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning System utilizes a specifically focused adaptation of the 700 series design, to align its performance with Ensitech’s latest technological advance, the PROPEL™ Torch.

    As you would expect, this gives you the superior results consistently and reliably delivered by our proven combination of heat, electricity and use of genuine TIG Brush™ cleaning, marking and etching fluids.

    TIG Brush™ on going innovation and patented power delivery system gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that you have achieved the industry’s highest level of passivation in a fast but safe way.

    ShopWeldingSupplies.com offers a wide variety of weld cleaning systems

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    SKU:TB KE550P-0000
    Ensitech TIG Brush TBE-550 PROPEL Kit Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning System

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