Which Portable Welder? Dewalt DCW100K vs. Fronius AccuPocket

Which Portable Welder? Dewalt DCW100K vs. Fronius AccuPocket

Matt Hurd

Your welding job can’t always come to you, but when you have to go to it, it’s not always practical to transport heavy and bulky gear. Thanks to battery-operated technology, you now have the option to carry a powerful portable stick/MMA and TIG welder—and save yourself an aching back. Your best choices have a surprising connection, so let’s start with a heavyweight in the industry: DEWALT.


Dewalt DCW100K

DEWALT is well known for its wide range of tools—and a go-to choice for many professionals. So when they introduced the DCW100K Portable Stick & TIG Welder a couple years ago, it was exciting for the welding industry, and considered a trustworthy option from a reliable brand.

The DCW100K features an ultra-portable design, compact chassis, and weighs only 25 pounds. It can run on rechargeable lithium ion battery power, or in hybrid mode when plugged into a 120V 20-amp AC power supply or generator. The unit supports stick welding up to 140 amps, and TIG welding up to 150 amps. The controls are easy to operate, with a digital display for instant feedback. Charging is extremely fast, with a full charge in about 45 minutes. Included in the kit is the welder, charger and cord, electrode holder with lead, and grounding clamp with lead.

With such a dependable choice, why would you consider an alternative to the DEWALT DCW100K? First, while it can still be purchased, according to DEWALT’s website, the model has been discontinued. And second, there’s the Fronius AccuPocket.

Fronius AccuPocket

Fronius AccuPocket

Many brands put their name on products actually manufactured by other companies. And if you put the Fronius AccuPocket next to the DEWALT DCW100K, it will be obvious that aside from color, they are virtually identical. The AccuPocket came to market a couple years before the DCW100K, sold by the manufacturer under their own name. Though Fronius isn’t well known in the U.S., they’ve been prominent in Europe since 1945.

The AccuPocket shares the great features of the DCW100K but not the huge price tag that comes with brand recognition. At $2,900, it’s significantly more affordable—a great savings by choosing black and red over yellow.

So take your stick/TIG welding on the road with the Fronius AccuPocket Welder—and you’ll save a ton by buying the version with the manufacturer’s name on it, rather than the “big name” brand.

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