The Power of Magnetic Drills at a Worksite

The Power of Magnetic Drills at a Worksite

Andrew Blatner

Magnetic drills, or “mag” drills for short, are a convenient and powerful tool that brings the benefits of a bench-top or standalone drill press to horizontal and vertical surface through the power of—as the name suggests—magnets. Combining a magnetic base with a powerful drill motor and variable size chuck, a mag drill will stay put on just about any steel or other magnetic, ferrous metal surface. Whether working on large pieces in a fabricating shop or installed construction materials at the job site, it’s still possible to get precise large-bore cuts with the right magnetic drill.

Magnetic drills were developed to address the challenges of construction companies needing to bore large numbers of high-quality holes in in-place structural steel. Handheld drills were not up to the task for a number of insufficiencies:

  • Consistency of cut/bore quality
  • Efficiency to produce a large quantity
  • Capability of producing large-diameter holes
  • Safety in handling in difficult-to-access locations in horizontal and vertical planes

In other words, mag drills can handle tough drilling jobs in challenging spaces more efficiently, powerfully, and safely.

The Hougen Magnetic Drill HMD904S is once such capable mag drill with a variety of helpful features to assist you on the job. Its swivel base means you’ll always be able to find the right angle to work with the material you’ll be drilling. It supports bits up to 1-1/2” diameter and 2” depth and accommodates a variety of accessories for excellent versatility. A two-stage electromagnet gives you extra gripping power while the motor is engaged while extending the life of the magnet. A pilot light assists the user in low light conditions and increases precision.

With convenient rear controls, a gravity fed coolant system, and lift detection for safety, you can use the Hougen Magnetic Drill with confidence knowing that this tool has been designed to work with you, not against you. And at about 32lbs, this mag drill can go wherever you need its services.

Take the convenience of the shop to the worksite, whether working on flat horizontal planes, on vertical surfaces, or even overhead with a powerful magnetic drill.

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