How long does the battery last on a Fronius AccuPocket 150?

How long does the battery last on a Fronius AccuPocket 150?

Andrew Blatner

This question has been asked more times than I can count; How long does the battery last on a Fronius AccuPocket 150.  WHICH MEANS...Time to get the answer!

I decided it was time to do some research.  First, I went around to our customer service team to see what their answers were.  The answers I received were “it depends on how much force (push) you use while welding”, to “depends on the diameter”, to “call Fronius tech support and see what they say” and then my very favorite “well depends on how hard you want to work”.  Since this obviously did not answer my question, it was time to grab my jacket, helmet and gloves and strike an arc. 

I took a fully charged Accupocket and 7018 1/8” rod.  I set the machine to 125 amps and struck my first arc.  I had a little too much heat (power) for my comfortability so I backed down to 115 amps.  Here was the first variable I noticed- not everyone was going to be welding at the same amperage, thus depleting the battery at different rates.  I was able to completely burn down to nothing 9-7018 1/8” rods. This is when I noticed the second variable, what is a used/complete rod?

I plugged the charger in and charged the machine completely in about 30 minutes.  I did take a coffee break and texted my wife back (not a good idea to not respond to her…..) so maybe a little longer.  (note I was using a 20-amp breaker on 110/120v) put the machine back in the case and back into our demo area.

So in conclusion, how long does a battery last on the Fronius Accupocket 150?  Well my answer is going to be 9-7018 1/8” electrodes.  Is this really the right answer, well I put the electricity to the metal and for me it is. 

*The views and opinions within this article are that of the author. This article has not been sponsored by Fronius. 

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